A Rise in Men’s Wellness

Date Posted:10 August 2022 

Over the past two years, there has been a progressive change in how men look after themselves. Selfcare, and particularly skincare, has evolved from being thought of as an unnecessary extra step in the day, to a well-being ritual that nourishes both body and mind. It has become a task led with intention.

Inspired by the ancient uses of sandalwood, The Sandalwood Shop has had wellness at the forefront of our products, and this shift in thinking has also been seen across the board in the personal care industry, which now joins us in seeing beauty and wellness as joint forces. 

With men now happy to openly discuss their participation in spa outings, morning meditation, and nightly tea before bed, there is no denying that men’s self-care is well and truly in!


Shaking the Stigma

Products for men's beauty and personal care are losing their stigma. Grooming routines which typically used to be limited to basic hygiene and shaving supplies now tend to include a greater array of products for skin, hair, beard, and bodies.

According to new research from Mintel, 58% of US men aged between 18 to 23 and 63% aged 23 to 24 are now using facial moisturisers in addition to their more traditional staples like shaving cream and deodorant.1 This shows the growing appetite for self-care products for almost half of the male population in the US and we can imagine Australian men would share similar growth. 

Men’s skincare is one part of personal care that saw the biggest jump in interest – this includes face masks, toners, sunscreen, moisturisers, gels, face washes as well as the classics like beard oils.


A New Way of Buying 

During the last 5 years, and especially since COVID-19, more men than ever have taken ownership of shopping for their own personal care products (especially online). The pandemic also left people with a little more time and disposable income to slow down and be more considerate with their purchases. As this self-care movement thrived, it’s no surprise that so too did the purchase of skincare and personal care products for men.


Nurturing a Ritual

Here, at The Sandalwood Shop, we understand the importance of a well-being ritual and that is why we developed the Larkin Range for men. This range “releases the inner larrikin” and features a woody, leathery aroma with a base note of pure Australian Sandalwood Oil.

This means that our products can elevate your self-care ritual by providing you with practical product’s such as our shaving gel or after-shave balm that also bathe you in the soothing scent of sandalwood.

In addition to the Larrikin Range, we have a myriad of wellness products from moisturisers and face washes to candles and essential oils that you can include in your daily ritual.


Discover our full range of products here: https://www.thesandalwoodshop.com.au/shop-all/

Shop the Larrikin Range here: https://www.thesandalwoodshop.com.au/shop/category/men



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Rise in Men's Cosmetics

By: on 12 August 2022
The Guy on the right hand side of your pic, seems to have eye patches or something under his eye, What is it??

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi The person in the picture is wearing under eye patches or eye masks. They are generally available in pharmacies or major supermarket stores. Kind regards The Sandalwood Shop Team

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