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Deep rub ointment

By: on 9 June 2022
Can you tell me all the uses for deep rub ointment please

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Dorothy, With its superior anti-inflammatory properties, our deep rub ointment is an easy way for soothing affected inflamed areas of the body, and for managing acute pain. It is soothing for the muscles and promotes healing. Some customers have found our deep rub ointments especially good for sore or stiff joints. In short, both our Mt Romance Deep Rub and Quintis Deep Rub ointments are over the counter plant based ointment rich in anti-oxidants, relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties, making them perfect for providing relief for tired, sore and inflamed muscles or joints. Kind Regards, G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.


By: on 23 May 2022
Hello , can I book 2pm on the Sat 4th June for the gong session please?

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hello Fiona, thanks for making contact and for your interest in our Gong sessions. We have two sessions available on Saturday, 4th June-12.30pm and 2pm. Kindly contact our Albany showroom on (08) 9845 6817 to make a booking. Kind Regards, G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.

Gonging in Albany

By: on 21 April 2022
Hi, I sent an email back in March (which I will resend now) asking if the gonging was continuing at the moment due to Covid? Also, I was wondering about opportunities to continue learning gonging and wondered if there were any connections I could follow up with those that are gonging in Albany currently? I will be in Albany again in a couple of weeks and would love to have a session if they are available. thanks, Kali

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Kali. Thank you for your interest in our Gong sessions. Typically, we offer 10:30am, 12:15pm and 2pm sessions throughout the day. However, bookings are necessary to avoid disappointment. We do not offer Gong training nor courses to do. I would suggest coming in for a gong session one day during the week and then taking the opportunity to ask our friendly Gong Master your burning questions. Hope this helps, all the best. Kind Regards G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.

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