Natural vs Synthetic Sandalwood in Fragrance & Cosmetics

Date Posted:20 October 2022 

The use of naturals and synthetics in the cosmetic and fragrance world

Naturals are the original muse of the fragrance industry – and the inspiration behind synthetics. Without naturals, we would be unable to produce botanicals to formulate in the products we use every day. Find out more about naturals vs synthetics. It’s safe to say that naturals are the original muse of the fragrance industry – and the inspiration behind synthetics. Without naturals, we would be unable to produce botanicals to formulate in the products we use every day. Synthetics certainly have their place in the perfume and cosmetic industries, but when it comes to clean beauty and wellness industries, naturals rein supreme.

Ingredient effectiveness, source, and sustainability are critical to conscious consumers who are looking for authentic storytelling and effective products. Through sustainable harvesting practices here in Australia and ongoing studies on active compounds, Indian sandalwood’s efficacy in fragrance and cosmetics embeds itself into ethical wellness.

Naturals are certainly the dominant, if not leading player in the booming wellness movement. By 2027, the global wellness market is expected to reach USD 97.4 billion1, natural fragrance ingredients are included in this boom. By 2027, the global fragrance ingredient industry is expected to rise to USD 16.1 billion by 2027, compared to 13.6 billion in 20192.

Consumers have often influenced the products that companies produce. As 2022 unfolds, companies are acknowledging conscious consumer demands for sustainable production and transparent labelling. The rise of trends such as ‘A-Beauty’, multifunctional fragrances and niche organic brands are examples of consumers looking for more natural, simple, and responsible options. The wellness movement’s influence also continues to stimulate change in the fragrance industry where mindfulness, meditation and relaxation intersect fragrance.

The focus on transparency and wellness has extended to the use of natural products and consumer desire to support businesses choosing sustainably sourced, natural ingredients. Known for it’s multi-faceted benefits, interest in sandalwood is rising. Paired with research and environmentally sound and sustainable harvesting methods, this ancient oil is given a platform to thrive in today’s market.

Multi-faceted Benefits

The sandalwood tree is composed of hundreds of naturally occurring chemical compounds. “We let nature do her job and she supplies us with a complex, multi-faceted ingredient that synthetic materials simply cannot replicate.” Explains Dr. Danny Hettiarachchi, International sandalwood expert with sandalwood for over 15 years.

Indian sandalwood possesses over 125 chemical compounds that cannot be replicated by human methods. So complex are these compounds that research is still exploring the benefits and applications of each element – meaning there are unique properties that are yet to be fully understood by modern science.

Alpha and beta santalol (the two major compounds in Indian sandalwood) contribute to the oil’s signature soft, woody, balsamic aromas. So, although technically the fragrance of sandalwood can be mimicked by synthetic alternatives, human creation is limited compared to nature’s own methods in developing complex olfactory profiles.

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100% pure essential oil of Santalum album

Steam distilled from small chips of the oil-bearing heartwood (the centre of the Sandalwood trunk), grown and nurtured in the north of Australia by Quintis. These trees were originally planted over 20 years ago and then every year since to provide the world’s largest source, with sustainable supply into the future.

Previously reserved for sale in bulk quantities, this precious oil is now made available in smaller volumes to allow trial and use by all, including niche beauty, aromatherapy and fragrance brands.

Sandalwood Album is one of nature’s true wellbeing ingredients, healing both body and mind. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial protecting and nourishing the skin. Its luxurious, intoxicating scent promotes focus and alertness, which is why Buddhists use it during meditation. It is a natural relaxant, used to treat depression and anxiety, having been shown to interact with neuroreceptors in a similar way that many anti-anxiety medications do.

Modern science and ancient rituals have converged to demonstrate the power of Sandalwood Album. And now, Quintis is sharing the benefits of this prized elixir with the world. For further information, check the Specifications tab or visit for more information.

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Each de toilette

By: on 21 October 2022
Which one of your fragrances, male or female targeted, include the Sandalwood oil?

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Jennifer Thank you for your enquiry. Our Larrikin, 1845 and Body Splash are made using Australian Sandalwood (santalum spicatum) oil and the Santal Spirit uses Sandalwood (santalum album) oil. Kind regards - The Sandalwood Shop Team

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