This product is 100% pure essential oil of Santalum album, direct from the source – Soil to Oil. 

Steam distilled from small chips of the oil-bearing heartwood (the centre of the Sandalwood trunk), grown and nurtured in the north of Australia by Quintis. These trees were originally planted over 20 years ago and then every year since to provide the world’s largest source, with sustainable supply into the future.

Previously reserved for sale in bulk quantities, this precious oil is now made available in smaller volumes to allow trial and use by all, including niche beauty, aromatherapy and fragrance brands.


Sandalwood Album is one of nature’s true wellbeing ingredients, healing both body and mind. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial protecting and nourishing the skin. Its luxurious, intoxicating scent promotes focus and alertness, which is why Buddhists use it during meditation. It is a natural relaxant, used to treat depression and anxiety, having been shown to interact with neuroreceptors in a similar way that many anti-anxiety medications do.

Modern science and ancient rituals have converged to demonstrate the power of Sandalwood Album. And now, Quintis is sharing the benefits of this prized elixir with the world. For further information, check the Specifications tab or visit for more information.

The Sandalwood Shop is part of the Quintis Group of companies to specialise in everything Sandalwood.

Process   Gently steam-distilled
Appearance   A clear, pale yellow to colourless slightly viscous liquid
Typical odour profile    True sandalwood character, nuttiness sustained throughout the whole chord; dry-down is tenacious, sweet and woody
Properties    Proven anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory; promotes relaxation and calm
Applications   Fragrance, cosmetics / skincare, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine