This product is 100% pure Sandalwood Album heartwood chips, direct from the botanical source Santalum album. Other names for Santalum Album include Indian Sandalwood and Chandan.

Chipped from the oil-bearing heartwood (the centre of the Sandalwood trunk), grown and nurtured in the north of Australia by Quintis. These trees were originally planted over 20 years ago and then every year since to provide the world’s largest source, with sustainable supply into the future.

This form is prepared for use in steam distillation to extract the oil. Previously reserved for sale in bulk quantities, this unique wood is now made available in smaller volumes to allow trial and use by all. Applications include ceremonial burning, incense, linen cupboard scenting amongst others.

Due to customs regulations the 500g quantity cannot be sent directly from our website internationally.  If you do wish to make a bulk order to be sent internationally please email   or call 1300 362 132


Please dispose of packaging thoughtfully.

500g Outer packaging - Red Cycle.

Our Jars & Lids are 100% R-PET.  Made from recyclable materials and fully recyclable.

Jar & Lid - Rinse thoroughly and place in Recycling.

All packaging is currently under review, as we journey to more environmentally sustainable options.  Check back here regularly to see the latest recycling information.

SKU 44191V
Brand Quintis

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