Choose the way you Deodorise (Aluminium Free Explained)

Date Posted:21 April 2022 

Deodorising to prevent or reduce body odour is a part of daily life for many people. Referred to as ‘personal care products’ that are applied topically, often in the underarm area. Depending on the product, application can also be via spray if its aerosol or simply a quick roll or dab if it’s a solid or liquid.

But have you ever wondered how deodorants work? Sweating is a natural process that our bodies produce to cool our bodies which assists in maintaining our overall core temperature. Sweat, being colourless and odourless is simply a natural phenomenon. In fact, it is the apocrine sweat glands located beneath the hair follicles under the skin’s surface, such as armpits and the groin area that secrete sweat directly onto the surface of the skin.


Further it is only until sweat mixes with the bacteria on the skin’s surface that odours are released as a byproduct of sweating. This occurs because bacteria on the skin mingles and starts the break down process of proteins found in sweat.

At The Sandalwood Shop, we offer two types of odour concealers, our Mt Romance Deodorant, and our Larrikin Antiperspirant. The core difference between these products is that our Mt Romance option is designed to prevent odour while the Larrikin Antiperspirant prevents sweat by blocking the pores on our skin. This is because our antiperspirant contains aluminium, which serves to prevent or reduce the amount of sweat released by our glands. The other difference is that our Larrikin Antiperspirant contains our flagship ‘Larrikin’ aroma, a scent loved by men and women alike.

As earth’s most abundant metal, aluminium in its natural form is not harmful. It is often when its further processed and then used in many everyday products is where the real concern lies. Like any metals and certain natural substances due to environmental factors and modern lifestyles, build up within our body- be it our tissues and organs is something to be mindful of.

Our Mt Romance Deodorant does not contain aluminium, it works by masking the odour. Further the inclusion of pure Australian sandalwood oil works to mitigate bacteria with its anti-microbial qualities found in the essential oil, while offering long-lasting freshness throughout the day. This is traditionally our top selling product- a better option for people preferring a more natural alternative.

It may be of value to ponder on the quote by physician and athlete George Sheehan who states “sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower never reaches”.

Sweating is indeed a natural and necessary process, how we treat its byproduct of ‘body odour’ often depends on our personal preference. However, understanding this bodily process will allow us to best select the solutions that suits our needs.




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