Simple Steps to Luscious Lips - Sandalwood Lip Scrub Recipe

Date Posted:2 February 2023 

Unlike your skin, your lips don’t contain any sebaceous (oil) glands to keep them soft and moisturised, so maintaining the perfect pout can be harder than it seems.

Dry flaky lips can be a result of exposure to the sun, wind and cold, dehydration or frequently licking your lips.  Even the ingredients in some cosmetic products can have a drying effect.

We have a simple all-natural lip treatment, that will give you luscious lips in no time.

Lip Scrub   

  1. Blend 1 tablespoon of pure Sandalwood Powder with 1 teaspoon of Coconut Oil to form a paste.
  2. Clean and pat dry your lips, making sure that all traces of balm and lipstick are removed.
  3. Place the paste blend on your fingertips using a circular motion, gently exfoliate your lips.
  4. Rinse off paste and pat dry.
  5. Moisturise.  Apply a thin layer of lip care to your lips.

Tips: It is important to remember not to over exfoliate your lips.  The key is to gently buff away the dry skin to reveal the soft layer underneath.    

To continue to soothe and protect your lips, after exfoliating, you can use our SPF Sandalwood lipcare.  A blend of Australian Sandalwood nut oil, lemon peel oil and beeswax, it is an exceptionally nourishing formula, that effectively soothes your lips with Ximenynic acid, a rare fatty acid found in Australian Sandalwood nut oil.

Or if you’re feeling like a splash of colour, our aluminium fragrance free lipsticks will enhance your lips without drying them out.  Rich, lustrous and long lasting due to the natural fixative properties of Sandalwood oil, there is a contemporary colour to suit everyone.

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