What's behind the name Calming Cream?

Date Posted:25 February 2022 

Our Mt Romance Calming Cream is a versatile fragrance-free moisturizer infused with pure Australian sandalwood oil. Its ability to calm irritated skin is the reason for its name. It is especially effective at soothing the skin after certain environmental exposures. Our calming cream leaves skin feeling restored and relieves irritated skin after exposure to environmental damage caused by sun, wind and harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, it is an excellent cream to use after shaving or waxing. Many customers report effectiveness of using our Calming Cream on rough, dry, or scaly patches. This is in part due to sandalwood oil’s antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which aids in wound healing. So much so that using our Calming Cream will provide a cooling effect against burning and sensations of discomfort from the wound.

Did you know that sandalwood contains well over 200 active constituents, whilst being rich in santalol (both a and b) and phytochemicals- all of which helps moisturize and condition the skin? This means that not only is sandalwood extremely moisturizing, but it is also superb in providing relief to dry and itchy skin.

In fact, Sandalwood nuts are so rich in omega oils and goodness that it’s incredibly beneficial for heart health, cholesterol levels and helpful to your immune system. Essentially a great food for nourishing our skin and whole of being from the inside!

There are many other benefits to sandalwood as a botanical ingredient. It is significant that sandalwood’s antioxidant-rich and comedogenic oil quality also means that it cleanses the skin whilst minimising free radicals without clogging the pores. It is also for this reason that sandalwood's natural affinity with the skin makes it a highly valuable and beneficial ingredient in soap making.

With so many reasons to try our ever-popular Mt Romance Calming Cream- we are sure you too will enjoy this product in caring for your delicate skin, through all the seasons of the year. 








Comments (2)

365 day cream.

By: on 27 February 2022
Have been using this cream for years, best on the market!

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Bryan, that's so good to hear that our Mt Romance Calming Cream has been beneficial and working for you. Best Wishes, G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.

great moisturiser for granuloma annulare skin con

By: on 25 February 2022
this is s lovely lotion for granuloma annular a skin problem resulting from an allergic reaction to a live virus eg shingles virus injection ... herpes zostrix

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Leanne. I'm sorry to hear about the allergic reaction and what you went through. But most certainly glad to hear that our Calming Cream has provided you relief in managing the subsequent resulting reaction from the medical procedure. Hopefully your incredible feedback will help someone else within our community experiencing a similar issue- thank you so much for sharing! Kind Regards, G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.

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