Beauty Routine Workshop with 2Byoung

Date Posted:16 December 2022 

Are you looking for a fresh new beauty routine that is sandalwood inspired? Look no further than the 2BYoung range featured in our Beauty Routine Workshop.

Using the nut from the Santalum Spicatum (Australian Sandalwood) tree, this amazing product has a range of beauty benefits. More specifically, sandalwood nuts contain ximenynic acid making it a unique, rare, and powerful anti-inflammatory.  Not only does it protect the skin by locking in moisture, but it also smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with a wonderful youthful glow.

What drew our attention to sandalwood nuts to begin with? They were a staple in the diet and daily uses of the indigenous people. Not only are they packed full of nutrients and offered a health boost when consumed, topically they were used in poultices for aching muscles and made into a paste and applied to the face to tighten and firm the skin. The Australian bush really delivers when it comes to health and beauty, and what better people to educate us, on the secrets, than the indigenous people of Australia.

Learn how to incorporate a simple beauty routine into your day, using our 2BYoung range. The workshop includes a step-by-step explanation of how to use each product and have-a-go hands on session. Within the workshop, we will also showcase our new natural facecare range, About Time We Met.

The workshop includes a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and everything you’ll need on the day. Each participant will receive a 100% cotton locally hand-made face scrubby, 100g 2BYoung body butter, and 10% off products in store on the day. Allow 90 minutes for the workshop.

Workshop enquiries can be made by contacting our Albany Shop on 08 9845 6817 or email

This workshop is available for team building activities, Christmas parties, birthday or hens party. ENQUIRE NOW



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