How to Care for your Sandalwood Jewellery

Date Posted:26 October 2023 

Caring for your sandalwood jewellery is essential in maintaining their beauty, fragrance, and durability over time. Sandalwood is a natural material with unique properties, so proper care will help ensure that your beads remain in good condition.

Here are our tips on how to care for your sandalwood bead bracelet and necklaces:  

Keep Them Clean:  

Regularly wipe the beads with a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove any dust, dirt, or oils that may accumulate from regular use. Avoid using harsh chemicals that may be absorbed or abrasive materials that could damage the wood. 

Avoid Moisture:  

Sandalwood beads are sensitive to moisture, which can cause the wood to crack, warp, discolour or lose its fragrance. Keep your beads dry and avoid wearing them in situations where they might get wet, such as while swimming or in heavy rain. 


When not in use, store your sandalwood beads in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight. You can use a small cloth pouch, reuse an airtight jar or a jewellery box to protect them from dust and light. 

Fragrance Preservation:  

Sandalwood beads are treasured for their natural fragrance. When wearing your beads, the fragrance naturally dissipates and wears off over time. To preserve their aroma, store them with a few drops of sandalwood essential oil on a cotton ball or piece of cloth.  

Avoid Perfumes and Lotions:  

Avoid applying perfumes, lotions, or any other beauty products directly onto your sandalwood beads. These substances can diminish the natural fragrance of the wood and may cause discolouration or damage. 

Rotate Beads:  

If you are using the beads for meditation or chanting, consider rotating them regularly so that all beads wear evenly. This can help maintain their uniform appearance and prevent excessive wear on specific beads. 

Re-Infusing Fragrance: 

Over time, the natural fragrance of sandalwood will diminish. To refresh the scent, rub your beads with a cotton cloth that has sandalwood oil applied to it before storing your beads in an airtight container ready for you to wear another time. Be cautious not to overdo it, as excessive exposure to oils may lead to staining or beads to become sticky. We recommend re-infusing every 3 to 4 months. 

Remember that sandalwood beads, like any natural material, will age and change over time. With proper care and attention, you can enjoy the beauty and significance of your sandalwood beads for years to come. 

Some of your questions answered? 

Can I use any oil on my beads? 

No, it not recommended as it is likely other oils like vegetable oil may go rancid. Other oils will not replenish the natural fragrance of the sandalwood beads either. It will likely cause a dulling effect, not being able to detect any sandalwood fragrance over time. 

Are the beads varnished? 

No, we do not varnish our beads. Varnishing would inhibit the scent from being dispersed. Both the tropical grown species Santalum Album and native Australian species, Santalum spicatum sandalwood beads are sanded with exceptionally fine sandpaper and buffed with sandalwood oil to give them a lovely sheen.  

Does it matter if I use a different sandalwood oil on my beads? 

Yes, as different sandalwood oils have different scent profiles. For example, our Australian grown tropical Sandalwood, Santalum Album Oil, has a lighter, more floral scent profile compared to our native Australian sandalwood Santalum spicatum oil which has a deeper robust fragrance. Ultimately your sandalwood oil should be the same as the wood as this will accentuate the scent profile.  

We have made it easy, ensuring the correct species of sandalwood oil are paired with the same species of sandalwood bracelet in these gift sets making them a unique and special gift to give. 


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