Free from sulphates, parabens & colouring agents, this pH balanced shampoo is suitable for all hair types. Soothes the scalp & leaves hair fresh and shiny.

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SKU 55204V
Brand Mount Romance

Fantastic shampoo for sensitive skin

By: on 18 November 2023
I have had an itchy scalp for years, despite using special shampoos. We went away this year for 4 months and it cleared up. As soon as we were home, the itch returned. I had bought the shampoo and conditioner on my travels, so I started using it. Within a week, the itch has cleared up. The shampoo and conditioner also leave my hair beautifully shiny.

I love this shampoo!

By: on 10 October 2023
This is an amazing shampoo, very nice fragrance, not overpowering at all, and my hair is clean and smells so good that I get nice comments from people.


By: on 14 February 2023
I’ve only been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 12mths & it’s the only product I’ve found that help with my skin/scalp issues Thanks so much

An excellent product

By: on 7 January 2023
I have been using this for a number of years now. It's not over perfumed but has a pleasant woody note. It leaves my hair soft & easily managed & doesn't irritate my scalp. It's also very economical with a litre bottle lasting the best part of a year.

Difficult hair, great shampoo

By: on 2 June 2022
I have difficult hair – very thick, very dry, very coarse, very wavy. I have been using this shampoo for a while now and it is perfect for my hair. I keeps it under control and allows the waves (the bit I like) to shine.

Great product

By: on 19 August 2021
We've been buying this shampoo for over 10 years now and as we both have short hair 1litre lasts about 12 months! That's great value! I disagree with the review that says it doesn't smell like sandalwood, it definitely does and always has, it's not super strong, but very pleasant.

Shampoo & Conditioner

By: on 24 July 2021
I have been using these products for a few years now and just love the way my hair feels & looks, it’s so economical with the litre bottles. Thanks sandalwood

Best shampoo ever

By: on 25 March 2021
I get an irritated scalp from other shampoos, but this is so far the best for my thick, short hair. I rarely double wash as the first shampoo is very sudsy, foamy and doesn’t strip the hair. I have tried other organic or vegan shampoos and they just don’t get the hair cleaned as well as this lightly scented shampoo. I use the conditioner sparingly , but my hair always feels very silky when dry. My hair is very thick, short, coarse and grey if that helps anyone. But I love this product and bought the 1 lt as I don’t want to run out.

Awesome shampoo

By: on 24 May 2019
I was introduced last year to Mt Romance shampoo- wow what a difference . Then when it ran out I went back to another shampoo

Little bit disappointed

By: on 22 February 2019
I purchased this item and the conditioner also under the impression it would smell like sandalwood. I have a strong sense of smell and despite me having no doubt it contains sandalwood, it doesn’t smell like sandal wood at all. Instead the scent is rather flowery, yet pleasant. I feel a little bit mislead, especially because I have come across other products which have a strong sandalwood smell and thus know it can be done. Just a recommendation for anyone else buying this product for the advertised sandalwood scent.

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