The Difference between Hydrating and Moisturising your Skin

Date Posted:26 May 2022 

Our skin is considered the largest organ which protects our inner circuitry from the various environments and elements. This outer covering allows us to sense and touch as well as a myriad of sensations, further through variations in our blood supply and sweating, it enables us to regulate our body temperature and fluid loss. It therefore makes sense that we look after and care for our skin by ensuring that its hydrated and nurtured.

This brings to light our next point- the difference between hydrating and moisturising when it comes to our skin. Having adequately hydrated skin is vital for “…the normal physiological functioning of skin”, which can influence the appearance of our skin, such as its suppleness and softness. (Duplan H & Nocera T, 2018, pp.376). To avoid our skin looking dehydrated, where our complexion can look dull, we simply need to drink enough water for our body’s own unique requirement. For example, a runner will need significantly more water than compared to say a less active younger individual. After all, water is “…essential for cellular homeostasis and life”. (Popkin et al, 2010, p.439).


In comparison, moisturising your skin refers to applying skincare products such as creams to help seal in moisture. Moisturising therefore is ideal for dryer or more mature skin types, though dryness does depend on circumstances such as age, genetics along with external factors such as climate and environment.

At The Sandalwood Shop, we have a variety of ‘moisturising’ type products for the skin, each with unique applications:

Mt Romance Body Butter: having pure Australian sandalwood oil, this is a rich and luxurious moisturiser with a texture like silky butter, leaving your skin feeling soft, dewy, and conditioned. This product is best applied after a shower or whenever certain parts of your body such as your knees, shins or elbows are needing a little moisture.

Mt Romance Calming Cream: is a versatile cream, lightly infused with Australian sandalwood oil, made especially fragrance free for those with sensitive skin. This product leaves skin soothed after damage caused by skin conditions, sun, wind, shaving or waxing.

Mt Romance Facial Day Cream: formulated for daily use on the face, this vitamin enriched moisturiser is perfect for actively shielding your skin from the environment. The antioxidants offered by the vitamins and Australian sandalwood oil nourishes the skin whilst minimizing the effects of ageing.

Mt Romance Night Cream: a richer and slightly thicker facial moisturiser for night-time application. This product has a more intense formulation, so considering that our skin is around 15 percent more absorbent at night, it is certainly an indispensable aid for skin care.

2bYoung Facial Moisturiser: is a deeply nourishing facial moisturiser with SPF15 protection, for daily use to protect your skin from the harsh Aussie sun. This product features the unique skin perfecting Australian sandalwood nut oil to smooth and soften skin, while the soothing properties of organic Australian sandalwood oil works to achieve a clearer more youthful complexion. Australian sandalwood nuts are 60 percent oil, rich in both ximenynic and oleic acid. Ximenynic acid has been identified as a potent anti-inflammatory agent that helps improve micro-circulation with microvascular kinetic properties which could be beneficial in conditions such as varicose veins. (Bombardelli et al, 1994). Further, other research conducted has found that sandalwood seed oil naturally supresses sebum secretion while reducing fat deposition under skin. Oleic acid on the other hand is a type of fatty acid that is beneficial for our skin, it is also commonly found in other premium cosmetic oils such as almond and olive.

2bYoung Body Butter: Formulated for use on the body, this indulgent cream designed for applying on the body has the combined benefits of Australian sandalwood oil and Australian sandalwood nuts. This delicious cream contains the added benefits of geranium and jasmine essential oil. Rich in antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, Geranium brings with it an extensive host of benefits for the skin. As for Jasmine essential oil, it provides not just a relaxing floral scent, its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties can be useful in general skin care, with some research even showing positive results when used for the treatment of psoriasis.

As you can see, these products designed for topical use on the skin has a clear role in not just supporting but also improving our skin barrier function. It is also effective in helping to prevent dry skin or resolving skin conditions. The best foundation one can wear is glowing healthy supple skin and moisturising certainly goes a long way in achieving this. So, if you’re experiencing a dull or dry skin appearance or issues, first assess and address your fluid intake, then consider choosing a moisturiser that best suits your requirements.




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Great article

By: on 28 May 2022
Posted this on FB nice to see the truth regarding 'hydration' products of which there seems to be a plethora....good on you Mt Romance Lyn W

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Lyn. Thanks for your feedback, we are glad to hear you found the article enlightening. It is important to be aware not to ‘overdo’ it as well- a person with oily skin for instance would not need as much moisturising compared to a person with dry skin due to their skin’s natural sebum secretion. So, knowing the reasons behind certain beauty treatments/ skincare routine should help discern its applicability to the individual. Best Wishes, G.R from The Sandalwood Shop team.

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