The Importance of Skincare

Date Posted:1 September 2022 


Prevention is key

The cliché "prevention is better than cure" is valid, especially when it comes to skincare. You might want to take better care of your skin if you want to avoid spending money on pricey skin repairs in the future. Focusing on your skin today will help you to steer clear of all the skin challenges you might face in the future such as signs of ageing and sun damage.We have a range of products that can assist with many of these daily factors such as our Facial Cleanser for daily cleansing and our Day Cream for SPF protection. Sandalwood has been proven to act as a pollutant blocker, making it the perfect preventative ingredient! 

By locking in your skincare ritual early, you can not only protect your skin from future damage but start nourishing and repairing any existing damage for healthier, happier skin.


The ultimate confidence boost

There’s no denying that healthy, glowing skin can be the maker of any good mood. With a daily cleanse, a night time mask or moisturised skin, you can have that healthy glow that makes you feel brighter and more confident. Skincare is a real mind-to-body connection that shines from the outside in. 


The first line of defence 

Your skin serves as your body's first line of defence against external environmental toxins such as dust, smoke and other harmful elements in the air. Imagine ingesting gases, dust, smoke, and other dangerous substances. Since your skin serves as a natural defence against all of these harmful elements, it is only fair that you take good care of it to safeguard it.

It can be as simple as washing your face or removing your makeup each night to start and end each day with a clear canvas of protection.


A wellbeing ritual 

With the help of some candles, music and some mood lighting - your skincare routine can transform from a daily chore to a daily ritual. By slowing down and taking the time to indulge in each step of your skincare routine, not only will you be healing and protecting your skin, but you will be developing an excellent well-being habit. 


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