Inspired by Ancient Wisdom - The Rise of Ayurvedic Skincare

Date Posted:25 August 2022 

When you think of "wellness," images of acai bowls, early-morning yoga classes, and supplements might come to mind. But what about energising anti-aging lotions or fragrant skin treatments intended to fight disease?


What is Ayurvedic Skincare?

Ayurvedic skincare, which uses topical treatments based on a 5000-year-old Indian health philosophy, may be on the cusp of mainstream beauty.  Ayurveda, is a new Indian wellness import (closely following the renowned yoga).

The foundation of Ayurveda is the belief that each person has a perfect balance of energies that may be nurtured through daily - food, meditation and herbal remedies. In a time where self-care and wellness are on the rise globally, this ancient idea has never felt more applicable.


Ayurvedic Skinare Routines

Ayurvedic skincare routines are often referred to as ‘Subtle Energies’ regimens. Beyond regular face creams and masks, these can include full-body aromatic dressings and inhalable herbal blends. Because of its ritualistic and almost spiritual nature, it's the ideal remedy to relieve stress and slow down a busy life.


Sandalwood in Ayurveda 

The fact that modern science now supports the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda is one factor contributing to the rising demand. Consider sandalwood, valued for its calming, anti-inflammatory, and skin-healing properties that balance pitta energy. This makes it a perfect ingredient to include as part of an Ayurvedic skincare routine!

A study that was published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology has shown some of the powerful effects of sandalwood oil after thousands of years of historic use. It has proven Indian sandalwood can calm redness, reduce bacteria, balance skin tone, and support healthy cell turnover thanks to its sophisticated blend of over 125 compounds.

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