Article: Australian Sandalwood Oil

Date Posted:24 September 2020 

Welcome to the Spring edition of the Sandalwood Scoop - a fresh look at Sandalwood, the latest news and happenings at our Albany distillery in WA, recommended products for the season and more.


The Functional Beauty of Australian Sandalwood Oil

Softened Sandalwood Oil


Sandalwood is at the heart of our business and is an ingredient that we ‘go all out’ to share the functional beauty of. 

We are lucky to be surrounded by sandalwood every day and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge about this wonderful ingredient. By sharing, we hope to inspire others to grow their appreciation for sandalwood too. In this Spring edition of the Sandalwood Scoop, we focus on Australian sandalwood, native to our home state of Western Australia, and the natural ingredient that features in most of our beauty, health and lifestyle products.

'...the oil has a dry woody odour, with sweet, spicy and creamy balsamic accents.'

The botanical name of Australian sandalwood is Santalum spicatum, and it’s a native species that grows in the sparse southern half of Western Australia. This area spans from the border of South Australia through to Karijini National Park in the north-west, thriving in the low rainfall and desert areas. In comparison, Indian sandalwood prospers in humid regions with significant annual rainfall, which says something about the Australian variety’s hardiness and tenacity which is proudly reflected in its aroma. Technically speaking, the oil has a dry woody odour, with sweet, spicy and creamy balsamic accents. It’s similar to its Indian relative however when you have the opportunity to compare aroma, the Australian has a distinct earthy dimension.

Historically, sandalwood has been used in Aboriginal culture ranging from ceremonial use, dietary and medicinal treatments. Aboriginal peoples have understood and valued the healing, nutritional and aromatic qualities of Australian sandalwood for thousands of years. Today, Australian sandalwood oil is used widely and most typically in perfume, aromatherapy and cosmetic products, with the wood also being powdered for use in incense. 

Looking deeper into the oil itself, it has been said that Alpha-santalol is the active therapeutic component that gives sandalwood oil its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and skin brightening properties, making it ideal for use in skincare products. Some popular product examples where this application has been particularly effective include; our Skin Damage Control – a soothing ointment with a powerful blend of complementing active essential oils, and our Facial Day Cream – a vitamin-enriched everyday moisturiser, that shields skin from the environment. From a technical perspective, the Alpha-santalol concentration in Australian sandalwood is lesser than in its Indian counterpart. Whilst this influences the ingredient concentrations within products, it’s the earthy spice notes of the Australian variety that makes it so identifiable.

'...a relaxing, grounding and calming essential oil.'

In aromatherapy, pure Australian sandalwood is well known for being a relaxing, grounding and calming essential oil. It’s deeply relaxing smooth, woody aroma is ideal for use when seeking to wind down. Between four to five drops in your aromatherapy diffuser and/or one to four drops in a hot bath will create a beautiful calming experience. The oil is also well known for its application in blending, being hugely versatile as a unique base note and one that holds both sweet and woody aspects; it’s no wonder it continues to be popular with aromatherapists and perfumers!

The Sandalwood Shop retails 10ml & 100ml bottles of pure Australian sandalwood oil, distilled from the aromatic heartwood of the tree in Albany Western Australia, one of the largest and reputable sandalwood distilleries in the world.


Product Feature: Australian Sandalwood Oil

100% pure essential oil of Santalum spicatum, organic and direct from the source – from soil to oil.

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Pure Australian Sandalwood Oil



Community Involvement

Getting out and about these school holidays

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Albany Spring Market

See us at the Green Skills Spring Market, at York Street Square from 9am to 8pm, this Saturday 26th September. We are bringing some of our more popular products to you like our best selling Aluminium-free Deodorant and Skin Damage Control. Look for the orange gazebo, pop by and say hi and talk all things sandalwood.

Albany Holistic Expo

If the Expo is more your scene, we will be featuring our new essential oil range blended with Sandalwood Album oil. It is slated as a showcase of Great Southern wellbeing and runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm, Saturday 10th August. For more details on the event, click here.

Stress-Free School Holidays

Visit The Sandalwood Shop Albany this school holidays to feel good vibrations. Listen to ‘Gong Storytime’ and BANG on our range of Gongs to experience how vibrations sound and feel. The 30 minute sessions are ideal for 6-12 year old’s, who should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Running at 10:30am on Tuesday and Thursday of the school holidays, bookings are preferred. Sessions are held in The Sandalwood Café, which has a tasty range of kid friendly lunch options. Call 08 9845 6817 to reserve your spots today.