Sandalwood inspired gift Ideas for the Outdoor Adventurer in Your Life

Date Posted:17 November 2022 

A gift guide for the outdoor adventurer featuring Sandalwood inspired products

You know the type. Their camera-roll is filled with snaps of breathtaking beaches, impressive campsite set-ups, hiking summits, mountain bike trails, and fishing trips. For them, each weekend is an opportunity to set off on a new adventure – or plan one!

When it comes to buying a present for an outback enthusiast, there are two golden rules to remember: practicality and portability. It’s not enough to look pretty – what you give them must serve a purpose. That could mean adding comfort when exploring, or bringing the incredible outdoors in.

With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve collated a list of gift ideas that will no doubt impress any nature aficionado in your life.


Mosquito Coils and Diffuser Box

Mozzies! The bane of any camper, hiker or backyard entertainer. Avoid slathering on the bug repellent with these effective Mosquito Coils pleasantly scented with Australian Sandalwood. You can even add our Mosquito Coil Diffuser Box to the present for a convenient (and stylish!) addition to any camping kit or patio. Each coil burns for approximately 5 hours.

Mount Romance Natural Mosquito Coils (10 pack)
Mount Romance Diffuser Box



Sandalwood Body Wash

Is there anything better than your first shower at home after time outdoors? Mount Romance Body Wash with Australian Sandalwood oil gently foams for an easy clean, smells great, and leaves your skin feeling soft and pampered.

Mount Romance Body Wash 250ml 


Heartwood Chips for the Campfire

The best campfire hack since toasted marshmallows! Make the experience of warming up by firelight even more magical by throwing a handful of heartwood chips onto your wood fire for a wonderful Album Sandalwood aroma. In the fire-ban months, you can use the chips for scenting linen cupboards or other small spaces.

Quintis Heartwood Chips 100g 


Outdoor Skin Set

Trekking through the great outdoors can be less-than-great for our skin. Mount Romance have three products perfect for any adventurer’s toiletry kit: a nourishing SPF 15 Lipcare Stick; a Skin Damage Control Ointment to soothe minor bites, cuts and irritations; and a versatile Calming Cream to help repair damage caused by skin conditions, sun and wind, plus shaving and waxing. 

Mount Romance Lipcare Stick 
Mount Romance Skin Damage Control 50ml 
Mount Romance Calming Cream 



Sandalwood Nut & Jarrah Honey Nougat

Exploring works up an appetite. This unique nougat recipe uses sandalwood nuts – a native Australian bush tucker – and jarrah honey to create the ultimate sweet treat for the end of a long hike (or even during. We don’t judge!).

Santaleuca Sandalwood Nut & Jarrah Honey Nougat (10 Pack) 




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