News: Quintis to produce Mt Romance hand sanitiser to help combat COVID-19

Date Posted:30 April 2020 


The world's leading sustainable supplier of sandalwood, Quintis, has partnered with Albany-based Great Southern Distilling Company to produce hand sanitiser under its Mt Romance brand.

To help address the supply shortfall of hand sanitiser affecting the Australian and global community amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Quintis has begun sourcing ethanol from Great Southern Distilling Co. to develop the hand sanitiser at its production facility in Albany.  Quintis will distribute the sanitiser via its Mt Romance stores and website.

Quintis CEO Richard Henfrey said teaming with Great Southern Distilling Co. was a great example of how local businesses could come together during this challenging time to fill an unmet need.  “Joining forces with Great Southern Distilling Company has provided us with the collective opportunity to protect employment and support the local community.  Together we have been able to utilise the strengths of our respective manufacturing facilities to supply local businesses such as St John Ambulance and the Autism Association of WA.  This is a time when businesses need to band together to do what they can.”

Great Southern Distilling Company’s founder, Cameron Syme, echoed Henfrey’s sentiments saying he was proud to be part of the collaboration.  “This is two regional companies collaborating together to help our community - that’s a great thing to be a part of”.

The Mt Romance hand sanitiser has a special added ingredient – Australian sandalwood oil, a natural anti-bacterial which moisturises the skin and can reduce inflammation.  “In addition to its therapeutic benefits, Sandalwood oil has a distinct woody fragrance, providing an aromatic enhancement to a functional product,” Mr Henfrey said.

Quintis has previously produced small batches of hand sanitiser for a niche market.   “This experience has enabled the Company to scale up its production of hand-sanitiser with greater efficiency, reliability and higher-quality control than new entrants into the market,” Mr Henfrey said.

The collaboration will enable the production of an additional 1,500 units of hand sanitiser per week which are available for sale online now at

In addition, Quintis will also increase production of Mt Romance hand wash and body wash, with anti-bacterial spray becoming available online and instore within the next few weeks.

Image: Quintis Production Manager, Johan Bartlett, at the Albany production facility with a 1L bottle of Mt Romance hand sanitiser



Quintis is the world’s leading sandalwood expert with over 20 years’ experience in the production of Indian Sandalwood and Australian Sandalwood oil and wood products.  Quintis manages the world’s largest Indian Sandalwood plantation with 5.5 million trees planted on 12,000 hectares of Australian soil.  Australian Sandalwood products are distributed via its Mt Romance brand, and Quintis meets the International Standards for Quality (ISO 9001) and strict British Pharmacopeia standards for its oil.  For more information please visit

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