Introducing Our Newest Gong Master

Date Posted:2 March 2023 

An introduction to our new Gong Master at The Sandalwood Shop

Introducing Natalie who has recently joined our gong master team at The Sandalwood Shop. We asked her a series of questions to get to know a little more about her. 

Tell us a bit about you   

I started playing in 2009 and was taught by Don Conreaux. I love nature, music, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, gardening, and animals.

Can you please tell us how you got into gonging?

I came across an ad for a local sound healing session and was intrigued. I was hooked and quickly became a regular and from there I was asked to run the business.

What tools of the trade do you use?

The Gong, a few mallets, and my heart.

Gongs are a flat, circular metal disc that is typically struck with a mallet. They can be small or large and tuned or can require tuning. There are five gongs in the cone with the main gong being a 38-inch sun gong.  Different tones create different reactions in individuals.

Mallets also come in different sizes, a type of percussion beater that has a felted head.

I was taught to play with my heart and tune into what the guest require. The gong lets you know when something is out of tune.

What’s the most common thing your customers say about their gong session experience?

Wow, that was amazing!

What do you like best about sandalwood?

I love the wood itself, but the scent wins me over every time, the healing qualities and the nutritional benefits of the sandalwood nuts are also amazing.

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Lovely introduction

By: on 3 March 2023
Thank you. Wish I lived closer to WA to take part in events.

The Sandalwood Shop Response
Hi Marlene Thank you for your comments. Yes, a sound meditation gong session is a wonderful experience. Perhaps there is something similar run near you. Kind regards The Sandalwood Shop Team.

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