Article: Symphonic Healing with Gongs

Date Posted:29 June 2021 

Gonging or “gong baths” is the ancient healing practice of sound therapy, where sound frequencies are used to treat various physical and cognitive ailments. This is because sound waves created via life size gongs are known to create calming effects on the nervous system. Long used by the Tibetans and the Greeks for therapeutic purposes, you too can experience the benefits of gonging today at The Sandalwood Shop in Albany, WA.

Our gong sessions are highly unique in that inhalation of pure Australian sandalwood oil is incorporated in every gong session to heighten beneficial effects and relaxation. During the session, the mind relaxes and folds into deep peace as the cells of the body are gently massaged by the resonance of the gongs, helping to release old tensions and stress. Each participant takes home a complimentary inhalation scarf as a keep sake.

Regular Gong sessions are available at a cost of $23 per person- typically at 10:30am, around noon and a late afternoon session about 2pm at The Sandalwood Shop in Albany, WA. Alternatively, join in one of our many free Gong information sessions ( scheduled over the school holidays where you’ll get an opportunity to quiz the Gong Practitioner to find out more!

Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment, so call (08) 98456817 or email: to reserve your spots today!

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